Nothing much…

….that’s the answer to the question, ‘What’s going on in the world of a vicars wife to be?’

So we’ve done all the waiting and meetings and interviews leading up to a BAP.

We’ve done a BAP. (Phewwww!)

We’ve got a positive result. (Hurray!!…I think haha!)

We’ve chosen a college. (exciting for hubby…and slightly boring for me and the kids!)

We’re ready to go! (….hmmmm…)

Sounds all hunky dory right? – and I guess as i’m writing this I feel thankful that there is no major stress going on right now.

The thing is i’m still in that random zone where I feel excited about leaving, but incredibly sad to leave at the same time…am I crazy? Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but seriously… one moment I get this sudden burst of energy where I want to clear out every room and start packing and start our new life…then in another moment – I want to stay and sit and enjoy my little home, watch my children play, enjoy my surroundings…before it all changes.

‘Nothing much’ is happening…and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I know that things will get busier, i’ll probably have more to say when my husband is knee deep in essays and I have a new baby squiggling in my arms.

On the days where i’m being impatient, I need to remind myself to enjoy these moments, where ‘nothing much’ is happening,

And on the days where I wish that my husband had never started this process…I need to remind myself that we are walking in God’s will and he will never leave us.

Also…crazy hormonal pregnant lady and moving house…not a good combination. Hahaha!



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