Daughter: Mummy, my friend from school gets to sleep in her tree house!

Me: Oooh, that’s exciting! (but also thinking of how dangerous that could potentially be!!)

Daughter: Can we have a tree house.

Me: Maybe one day! (absolutely not)

Although the tree house idea scared me for a moment, I remember as a child how much I would have loved one, we grew up in the city and although the garden was big(ish) – there were no trees. The closest thing we got was sleeping out on the trampoline one summer, mum put a gazebo over it and filled it with duvets and pillows – it was the snuggliest, cosiest den/tent thing ever!

So I pondered my daughters words.

I know for a fact that the house we’re moving into in the summer has a garden the size of a postage stamp and no trees!…and it belongs to the college…so I thought beyond that…the curates house? In three years time – maybe that might have a tree? but then…we’ll only be there 3/4 years…and by the time it was built, it would probably have to come down again. I had imagined something that would last a while. So again I thought beyond that…The Vicarage!!, somewhere we’ll be a while, hopefully, a place to call home, hopefully, the perfect place for our children to grow up in, hopefully!!

Then it suddenly occurred to me…how old will my daughter be when my husband gets his first incumbency…12, she’ll be 12. 12?!?!?!? She’ll be in secondary school, wanting the latest mobile phone, make up, boys!!!….that tree house will be a distant memory.

My goodness me…I nearly cried.

I realised I’ve been living this life counting down to the next thing, 3 years of training, 4 years of curacy and so on. The sad thing is, I’ve been doing it for a while…4 years of waiting to hear if my husband could even go and train. Have I missed those years? 4 years ago our daughter was a year old gurgling away and now she’s a sassy 4 and “three quarters” year old!! – along with a cheeky 2 year old brother. Where has that time gone? and what have I been doing?? Dreaming about the future and missing today.

I’m determined not to miss these next few years, this is not another waiting period, it’s not a count down to the next thing, it’s our life and i’m going to enjoy everyday…well maybe not every day…I know what life is like!!

I’m also going to (try!) and build our children a tree house/ den/ fort thingy!! soon – not in 7 odd years!!