Visiting colleges.

We’ve visited a few over the 4 years we’ve been exploring ordination.

Some were lovely and welcoming and just what we wanted.

Some were so not us! …infact…confession time…one place we went to was so completely not our thing…(I was pregnant at the time) I used the ‘pregnancy card’ and we left earlier than planned…haha…is that bad?! We felt like naughty children. OOPS!!

On Monday, we visited Cranmer Hall in Durham.

It was amazing. I think I fell in love with the place.

When I go somewhere new, I always love it when I see some shops that are familiar…I know it’s a bit strange…but I feel a bit more at home if there’s a local costa or a new look or a waterstones or Whsmith. It brings some normality into an otherwise daunting and slightly scary experience….so I was over the moon when I saw all those shops and a Whittards!!! 🙂

The city was beautiful, with a castle, a cathedral, a river…and those shops!

When we got to the college, we were greeted by smiling faces and friendly hellos, everyone was so welcoming and friendly.

For me, living in an environment where my children can flourish, have friends and be cared about, is very important. I saw this almost straight away at Cranmer hall, children and families are welcomed and are not forgotten. They have an all age meal followed by an all age service every week! (Families can join in with up to 5 meals a week and they have a group for spouses.) As I watched the children eat their food and join in with the all age worship, I could just imagine my little ones there too.

The family accommodation was amazing too – all together so you’d still have friends and support near by, but all individual, so you could still have your own space.

I figured my husband could get very similar training where ever he went…(although, having said that, I was impressed with the way they do things there…normally it goes straight over my head!) but I think If we had to move to a place where we were ignored and put into a house miles away from where it’s all happening, as it were, I would struggle.

I really hope that we end up here.

I know our mind is made up…let’s see.



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