Damaged Tanks.

I’ve recently started reading a book called ‘The minister’s wife’ by Ann Benton and friends.

I’ve only read the intro so far and i’ve already been floored by a comment that I think will change my life as a Vicars wife.

It says…

“When the German tanks got damaged they were left to rust, the allies on the other hand had a team of mechanics ready to rescue and repair their damaged tanks, and turn them round to be back out on the battlefield in a very short time afterwards. Allegedly this was the secret to the allies success in Europe. Gospel ministry is a war and men get wounded. A man can return to his manse or vicarage on a Sunday evening or after a church meeting, completely shot up. The maintenance and repair supplied by a ministers wife is essential to his return to the front line. That is the kingdom importance of the minister’s wife.”

Ann Benton. 2011.

I think it speaks for itself, but I will always remember this.



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