Vicars wife to be!

I don’t think i’ll ever forget Thursday 9th February 2017.

We always get sales calls on our home phone and normally I just let it ring and forget all about it, so when it rang on Thursday afternoon I let it ring – It then occured to me that we’re expecting news from the diocese and it might have been them…I called 1471 and googled the number….(I know slightly stalkerish haha!) …It was the Diocese!!!!!

What happened next was ridiculous…I frantically called my husband, he called them back and his DDO was in a meeting…so he decided to wait an hour before he called back. He was sat there holding his mobile and the home phone haha!!…an hour went by slowwwwwllllllyyyyy and he called again…the office was shut! Arrghhhhh!!!!

We were so deflated…I know people might think it was silly being so worried and impatient, but we’ve been waiting for this news for so so so so long, so you can imagine how nuts we were.

Anyway we put the kids to bed, bought a kebab and settled down for the evening watching one of our favourite shows on TV (how I met your mother :-)) We just assumed that was that and we weren’t going to know until the next day.

Then later on that evening – my husband got a call from his DDO.

He was recommended to train to be ordained within the church of england.

He was recommended!!

4 years of waiting and praying and crying and getting impatient and getting angry and wanting to run away…and there it was!!

We both crumpled on the floor sobbing and then laughing and then crying some more!!

He’s going to be a vicar and i’m going to be a vicars wife.


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