Damaged Tanks.

I’ve recently started reading a book called ‘The minister’s wife’ by Ann Benton and friends.

I’ve only read the intro so far and i’ve already been floored by a comment that I think will change my life as a Vicars wife.

It says…

“When the German tanks got damaged they were left to rust, the allies on the other hand had a team of mechanics ready to rescue and repair their damaged tanks, and turn them round to be back out on the battlefield in a very short time afterwards. Allegedly this was the secret to the allies success in Europe. Gospel ministry is a war and men get wounded. A man can return to his manse or vicarage on a Sunday evening or after a church meeting, completely shot up. The maintenance and repair supplied by a ministers wife is essential to his return to the front line. That is the kingdom importance of the minister’s wife.”

Ann Benton. 2011.

I think it speaks for itself, but I will always remember this.



Visiting colleges.

We’ve visited a few over the 4 years we’ve been exploring ordination.

Some were lovely and welcoming and just what we wanted.

Some were so not us! …infact…confession time…one place we went to was so completely not our thing…(I was pregnant at the time) I used the ‘pregnancy card’ and we left earlier than planned…haha…is that bad?! We felt like naughty children. OOPS!!

On Monday, we visited Cranmer Hall in Durham.

It was amazing. I think I fell in love with the place.

When I go somewhere new, I always love it when I see some shops that are familiar…I know it’s a bit strange…but I feel a bit more at home if there’s a local costa or a new look or a waterstones or Whsmith. It brings some normality into an otherwise daunting and slightly scary experience….so I was over the moon when I saw all those shops and a Whittards!!! 🙂

The city was beautiful, with a castle, a cathedral, a river…and those shops!

When we got to the college, we were greeted by smiling faces and friendly hellos, everyone was so welcoming and friendly.

For me, living in an environment where my children can flourish, have friends and be cared about, is very important. I saw this almost straight away at Cranmer hall, children and families are welcomed and are not forgotten. They have an all age meal followed by an all age service every week! (Families can join in with up to 5 meals a week and they have a group for spouses.) As I watched the children eat their food and join in with the all age worship, I could just imagine my little ones there too.

The family accommodation was amazing too – all together so you’d still have friends and support near by, but all individual, so you could still have your own space.

I figured my husband could get very similar training where ever he went…(although, having said that, I was impressed with the way they do things there…normally it goes straight over my head!) but I think If we had to move to a place where we were ignored and put into a house miles away from where it’s all happening, as it were, I would struggle.

I really hope that we end up here.

I know our mind is made up…let’s see.


BAP cake.

I made my husband this cake to celebrate him getting through the BAP.

I may continue the tradition and do a ‘yay – you’re ordained!’ one.

or a ‘sorry that old lady in church told you off’ one. haha!


Vicars wife to be!

I don’t think i’ll ever forget Thursday 9th February 2017.

We always get sales calls on our home phone and normally I just let it ring and forget all about it, so when it rang on Thursday afternoon I let it ring – It then occured to me that we’re expecting news from the diocese and it might have been them…I called 1471 and googled the number….(I know slightly stalkerish haha!) …It was the Diocese!!!!!

What happened next was ridiculous…I frantically called my husband, he called them back and his DDO was in a meeting…so he decided to wait an hour before he called back. He was sat there holding his mobile and the home phone haha!!…an hour went by slowwwwwllllllyyyyy and he called again…the office was shut! Arrghhhhh!!!!

We were so deflated…I know people might think it was silly being so worried and impatient, but we’ve been waiting for this news for so so so so long, so you can imagine how nuts we were.

Anyway we put the kids to bed, bought a kebab and settled down for the evening watching one of our favourite shows on TV (how I met your mother :-)) We just assumed that was that and we weren’t going to know until the next day.

Then later on that evening – my husband got a call from his DDO.

He was recommended to train to be ordained within the church of england.

He was recommended!!

4 years of waiting and praying and crying and getting impatient and getting angry and wanting to run away…and there it was!!

We both crumpled on the floor sobbing and then laughing and then crying some more!!

He’s going to be a vicar and i’m going to be a vicars wife.

The sun is shining!

Isn’t it funny how a little sunshine can cheer you up!

Tuesdays are my day.

Both children are either in school or nursery and I normally take the opportunity to get a few jobs done, spend some time in prayer, bake, go for a walk…or just sit on my backside and catch up on Home and Away (fav!!!)

Today, however, as well as all that…I was deep in thought, in fact only two thoughts were in my mind…my husband gets his BAP result in 2-3 days…and i’ve just found out i’m expecting our 3rd child.

Both things scare me…like…really scare me, to the point where I could throw up…although that could be morning sickness rearing its ugly head!!

But – both things excite me!! I’m so excited to hear the result of the BAP, i’m so excited to see the plans of God unfold…i’m so excited to be getting out of this ‘waiting period’.

I’m excited to have another little one! Our daughter and son have been such wonderful blessings, and although it’ll be hard (no denying it) I know this new little one will add to the wonderful blessings!!

***I haven’t told anyone yet…apart from my husband obviously…so it’s nice to get it off my chest! haha! – thankfully nobody I know reads this!***

Anyway…back to the sunshine.

It occured to me that the sunshine makes you feel happy…It’s scientifically proven right?!

This situation that we’re in has the potential to make me feel very low and down in the dumps! – I mean…how could we get pregnant at this time in our lives?! All the uncertainty…!!

Call me crazy, but I looked at the sunshine (as I hung my washing out!! yes!!) and I felt happy, God has given us a new life to take care of! He promises us a hope and a future! He loves us! He has a plan for us!

So thank you God for sending the sunshine.

Thank you for reminding me that with you in it, life is a very sunny place – no matter what the situation!

He’s home!


The past 3 days have been very long indeed…

Those of you who have experienced your spouse going to a BAP, you’ll most likely remember what it was like… and those of you who have yet to experience this…hold on to your hats and hold on to God.

It was hard. Hard not knowing what was happening. Hard not being there to comfort him if he was feeling down. Hard not being able to do a single thing to help. And hard being on my own…personally, I find being home alone without my husband very hard….especially at night.

But it’s over – I conquered a massive fear and I feel like submitted to God. My husband actually had a pleasant time, meeting new people, eating nice food, enjoying the cathedral (he went to Ely) – amongst all the interviews and presentations obviously. I actually had a pleasant time really…I spent a lot of my spare time in prayer, my parents came to visit at one point and I got lots of cuddles from the kiddies…although it has been decided…I cannot be a single mum…seriously hats off to single mums!! I could barely manage 3 days!

Now comes the waiting…